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Transform payments at your restaurant with Slip Cash's tap-to-pay solution. Enable diners to settle bills and leave tips in less than 10 seconds using popular mobile wallets, ensuring smooth, secure transactions that enhance customer satisfaction and streamline operations.


Collect payments of any amount effortlessly with the TapToPay device from Slip Cash.

Slip Cash transforms restaurant payments by allowing customers to pay and tip any amount with a simple tap. This secure, tap-to-pay platform simulates traditional payment methods, ensuring easy and consistent transactions. Embrace the future of dining with Slip Cash, making the payment experience more pleasant and efficient.
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Higher Frequency of Tipping
Slip Cash revolutionizes restaurant payments by enabling customers to pay and tip any amount with a simple tap. This secure, tap-to-pay platform ensures easy and consistent transactions, resulting in higher payment frequency and increased customer satisfaction. Embrace the future of dining with Slip Cash and make every payment a seamless experience.
What We Provide
Key Benefits of Slip Cash for Restaurants:
Custom branding available for your organization's TapToGive Launch Pads
The Challenges of Traditional Restaurant Payments

Methods: Traditional online giving methods often present significant barriers to donors. Lengthy forms and the need to input credit card information deter potential contributors. The dropout rate in these scenarios is regrettably high, with donors frequently abandoning their contributions due to the hassle and lack of readily available information required to complete the process.

The SlipCash Advantage:

Introducing Slip Cash, a game-changing solution that redefines the way payments are made. Slip Cash offers a swift, friction-free, and user-friendly experience that takes less than 10 seconds to complete, leaving conventional methods behind. The easier you make it for people to pay, the more generous they become. Enhance your service with Slip Cash and experience the benefits of seamless transactions!

Seamless Payments
Slip Cash allows customers to pay and tip any amount with a simple tap, providing a frictionless payment experience.
Increased Tips
The ease of using familiar mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and Cash App encourages more frequent and generous tipping.
User-Friendly Experience
The intuitive interface and quick transaction time make the payment process more pleasant and efficient for customers.
Modern Appeal
Embracing Slip Cash demonstrates a commitment to modern technology, appealing to a tech-savvy customer base and enhancing the overall dining experience.
Slip Cash is the future of seamless payments and generous tipping for restaurants.
TapToPay addresses the challenges of traditional payment methods, ensuring customers can pay and tip quickly and effortlessly. By embracing Slip Cash, restaurants can look forward to increased financial support, stronger customer relationships, and a thriving future. It’s time to welcome the future of payments with open arms—Slip Cash enables diners to pay and tip with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, Cash App, and other mobile wallets, providing unparalleled flexibility and convenience. Elevate the dining experience and embrace the future of seamless transactions with TapToPay via Slip Cash! Join us in transforming the restaurant industry.

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