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SlipCash LaunchPad (adhesive backing) 5 pack Combo

$ 225.00 USD

SlipCash LaunchPad (double-sided)

$ 50.00 USD

SlipCash LaunchPad (adhesive backing)

$ 50.00 USD

SlipCash Bracelet

$ 50.00 USD

SlipCash LaunchPad Double sided (5 pack Combo)

$ 225.00 USD

Learn more from our Successful clients

Slipcash has been a game-changer for our restaurant. Our customers love the convenience of tapping to tip, and we've seen a significant increase in tips. It's easy to use and secure, making it a must-have for any business.

Michele Carson

Restaurant Owner

"Slipcash has transformed our valet service. Customers appreciate the ease of tapping to tip, and our staff has seen a significant boost in tips. It's convenient, secure, and has enhanced our overall service."

Mike Carlson

Valet Parking Owner

"Slipcash has made tipping at our food truck so much easier for our customers. Since implementing it, we've seen a noticeable increase in tips. It's convenient, quick, and has improved our overall customer experience."

Earl Johnson

Food Truck Owner

"Slipcash has revolutionized our donation process. Congregants find it incredibly easy to donate with just a tap, and we've seen a significant increase in contributions. It's secure, efficient, and has greatly benefited our ministry."

Emily Brown

Treasurer of Grace Community Ministry

Frequently asked questions

Is There a Free Tier?

Yes, Slip Cash is available for anyone to sign up and start receiving unlimited payments via their online public landing page on a 100% subscription-free tier.

Do I need a Launch Pad to Get Started?

We encourage the use of our Launch Pad to fully maximize your payment potential with Slip Cash. The Launch Pad allows for easy, frictionless tap-to-pay payments anywhere, any place, and for any reason, without the need for power or recharging. For users who just want to utilize our payment page features, Launch Pads are not necessary.

Is Slip Cash also available for Enterprise?

Yes, we offer flexible subscription options for enterprise users who may need additional payment flexibility as well as team features. For more information, please schedule a demo with one of our experts.

Is my Business Allowed on Slip Cash?

While Slip Cash is able to accept most businesses, certain high-risk businesses are prohibited. For more information, please see our terms and conditions.

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