SlipCash LaunchPad (adhesive backing) 5 pack Combo

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SlipCash LaunchPad (adhesive backing) 5 pack Combo
Say farewell to missed opportunities caused by conventional online platforms that burden customers and donors with cumbersome form-filling, credit card details, and CVV numbers, turning the checkout process into a frustrating ordeal letting moments of conversion and generosity slip away. Attach it anywhere your imagination desires with the 3M adhesive backed LaunchPad enabling customer initiated payments, tips, donations anywhere anytime for any reason 24/7. It's not rocket science, it's a virtual Cash Vault, tipjar, donation Box all in one. A customer simply taps it with their mobile device, enters in the desired amount and Slips the cash though their selected Mobile wallet. It's as simple as that! This Portable Device is designed for wherever you're selling. no cords, no wires, no batteries.
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